Hi, I’m Monique

In one of my first positions, my creative director asserted my title should be “Multimedia Goddess” because of my willingness and ability to tackle so many elements of a project beyond my job description. This flexibility lead to my taking on the wide-ranging creative and design requirements of a healthcare IT company from start-up to its acquisition 12 years later. Throughout my career, I have sought diverse freelance opportunities to keep my skills sharp and support my travel obsession. I’ll take on projects big or small, complicated or simple. Everything I work on gets the same attention to detail and every client the same consideration.

“Monique is an absolute joy to work with. She has an incredible ability to blend ideas together and create beautiful, usable artwork and designs. Monique has helped me design countless shirts for my business and its members. They always turn out amazing.”

Christopher Knight
American Raw Fitness

“I was originally introduced to Monique when she was the Creative Director at Medicity. She created beautiful design work for our online presence as well as through print advertisements. Her expansive knowledge of the healthcare industry and ability to tie it together with breath-taking creative work was key in helping the company maintain an industry leader position.”

Colby Holbrook
Digital Marketing Consultant

“Our recent white paper is the single most successful piece of business writing I have been involved with, and as the designer behind the layout and graphics, Monique made it happen. You need a great designer you can count on, look no further.”

Drummond Reed
Chief Trust Officer
Evernym, Inc.

“I have had the opportunity to work with Monique for the last 12 years. She is incredibly talented and versatile in her style. She works directly with our customers and comes up with unique logos that always achieves their complete satisfaction. She is very efficient with her time, and sends us excellent quality work in a timely manner.”

Lindsay Stansfield
Show and Tell Tees
Gilbert, AZ

Monique did a fantastic job at making our new PTA website shine! She revamped the entire look, designed the new logo that we love (Go Bulldogs!) and used a format that is easy to use and teach — a key consideration for the turnover inherent in PTA orgs. She sat down with us throughout the process and was open to questions and suggestions. Thank you Monique!

Mike Maisen
Broadview Thomson PK-8

“Monique is a hard working creative with the ability to make insightful strategy decisions, gorgeous design, and deep, long lasting relationships with co-workers and clients. Our decades long relationship proves it!”

Nicole Parara
Production Director
The Summit Group

“I have had the delight to work with Monique on several projects from logo creation, email template design, print advertisements and website development. Each project was completed in a timely manner and with pin-point accuracy. Her ability to transform a clients words into a beautiful work of art that surpasses expectations is invaluable.”

Karen Grey
Digital Content Specialist

I have designed
this and that for…

Show & Tell Tees, AWS, Gerber Engineering, Sierra Club, Intel, Aetna, Sovrin, Evernym, Respect Network, Medicity, IASIS Healthcare, United Healthcare, Umpqua Bank, Active Health, West Coast Addiction, iTriage, InFocus, Healthagen, University of Washington, Granite Curling Club, Camp Shadow Pines, Paul Insurance, Douglas County Law, Hive Staging and so many more…

Some personal stuff

Sure, I do enjoy doing the multimedia artist thing, but there’s more to me than that. I live with my husband and two children in beautiful Seattle, Washington, USA. I enjoy hiking with my yellow lab, paddling my kayak, riding my bike, camping and curling. Yes, curling. That fascinating winter sport where you slide then sweep 44 lb. granite rocks down a sheet of ice. I also love drawing landscapes in colored pencil, stitching tapestries, watching Sci-Fi and hanging out with my kids building LEGOS, making slime and playing Pokémon GO. Most of all? I love to travel!!! Honestly, if you hire me, I will spend all the income on my kids’ guitar, chess and tennis lessons — then airline tickets to Morocco.