print designers:

  • Cheerfully show up to 3AM press checks
  • Speak in PMS and CMYK
  • Consider trapping way before production
  • Hoard more than one box of paper samples
  • Fuss about DPI and PDF compression

Yep, that sounds a bit like me. From offset printing to e-publishing, I have worked with many clients including University of Washington, The Sierra Club, Microsoft, Medicity, Evernym and Aetna. Take a look at a few projects below.

UW college of engineering

I have designed and produced numerous print materials for the College of Engineering including department newsletters, case statements and mailers. University of Washington has a very strict branding guide and it was necessary to adhere to their standards with minimal direction. However, in some instances, there was room for improvisation and creativity.

Projected Sea Level Rise Report

The Washington Costal Resilience Project asked me to collaborate with report authors (acutal scientists) to create a visually appealing documentation of their findings in sea level rise. I designed the pages, charts and graphs and a text treament for their group name. When it was finished, a press release was made and I delighted in seeing the report covered on the local news.

Medicity Product Collateral

This was the favorite collateral set I designed for Medicity, a healthcare IT company I worked for the bulk of my career. The beautiful patient and report imagery gave this set lots of polish, and I used spot gloss on the folder to make the Medicity star shine. See much more Medicity work here.


I worked closely with the Evernym team to design this white paper outlining their Sovrin offering. A very important element in this paper was the numerous infographics required, which I was asked to design based on (usually) complicated text descriptions. They were very pleased with the results. Check out this kind review from the Chief Trust Officer.